Arduino Zero Timer / PWM Direct Access Notes

If you want to access the timer or PWM outputs more direct style here are some helpful links: Link to google docs explaining the PWM pins and their associated timers used on V1.0 of our microbot PCB    Arduino forum example library code to set PWM values manually – Includes TC3 code which most examples

Microbot 2016 Software/Firmware Setup

Install Arduino IDE Follow this guide to add the Adafruit board manager to the IDE Install the Adafruit SAMD board profile In the Arduino IDE Tools Menu > Board > Boards Manager > search for SAMD > Install “Adafruit SAMD Boards” Download our custom Radiohead library from Waiakea Robotics Github Click the green “Clone or Download”

Microbot Mechanical Design Guide

Wheels: Outer Diameter: 10.6mm Thickness: 2mm O-ring groove diameter: 1.8mm O-ring groove inner diameter: 9mm Center mounting hole:  2mm diameter – ideally with .5mm D cut or wheel may spin on shaft Chassis:  Starting Body Extrusion: 19mm width, 23.5mm length, 16mm height Top Cutout subtraction: 17mm width, 21.5mm length, 8mm height – this should leave you with 1mm

3D printer computer upgrades

We have a new laptop to run the 3D printer which replaces a 10 year old desktop computer that was on its last legs. Printing a test boat model here to make sure the software transition worked properly.  

HIRA Summer 2016 Registration Forms

Waiakea HS Robotics Program Brochure 2016 Brochure also includes instructions and mailing address. Waiakea HS HIRA Application Form 2016 Please fill the form out and mail with payment to: Dale Olive Hawaii Island Robotics Academy 155 West Kawili Street Hilo, HI 96720  

Timing Belt Design Information

Timing belts can be great at moving power around, and changing speed/torque from source to destination. They can also be tricky to work with. The standard belt size used on FIRST robots is 5M-HTD 15mm wide belt The_World_of_Timing_Belts – This design guide from Gates is very helpful. Some Suppliers: /    

Using the 3D Printer

Prepare   Software Design: Autodesk Inventor 2015 Student Edition – download and install on your computer or use one of the schools computers Print/Slice: Slimplify3D – Already installed on the 3D printer dedicated computer, not necessary to have on your computer Process File Download (sets basic printer configuration): Process Print Import your .stl file into simplify3d

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