Arduino Zero Timer / PWM Direct Access Notes

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If you want to access the timer or PWM outputs more direct style here are some helpful links: Link to google docs explaining the PWM pins and their associated timers used on V1.0 of our microbot PCB    Arduino forum … Continued

Microbot 2016 Software/Firmware Setup

Install Arduino IDE Follow this guide to add the Adafruit board manager to the IDE Install the Adafruit SAMD board profile In the Arduino IDE Tools Menu > Board > Boards Manager > search for SAMD > Install “Adafruit SAMD Boards” … Continued

Microbot Mechanical Design Guide

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Wheels: Outer Diameter: 10.6mm Thickness: 2mm O-ring groove diameter: 1.8mm O-ring groove inner diameter: 9mm Center mounting hole:  2mm diameter – ideally with .5mm D cut or wheel may spin on shaft Chassis:  Starting Body Extrusion: 19mm width, 23.5mm length, 16mm height Top … Continued

3D printer computer upgrades

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We have a new laptop to run the 3D printer which replaces a 10 year old desktop computer that was on its last legs. Printing a test boat model here to make sure the software transition worked properly.  

HIRA Summer 2016 Registration Forms

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Waiakea HS Robotics Program Brochure 2016 Brochure also includes instructions and mailing address. Waiakea HS HIRA Application Form 2016 Please fill the form out and mail with payment to: Dale Olive Hawaii Island Robotics Academy 155 West Kawili Street Hilo, HI 96720 … Continued

Waiakea Robotics Team 1056 Live Video Stream Link – Sacramento – March 25th

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Live Video and Results: Competition Schedule:  

Timing Belt Design Information

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Timing belts can be great at moving power around, and changing speed/torque from source to destination. They can also be tricky to work with. The standard belt size used on FIRST robots is 5M-HTD 15mm wide belt The_World_of_Timing_Belts – This design … Continued

Using the 3D Printer

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Prepare   Software Design: Autodesk Inventor 2015 Student Edition – download and install on your computer or use one of the schools computers Print/Slice: Slimplify3D – Already installed on the 3D printer dedicated computer, not necessary to have on your … Continued

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