Waiakea High Robotics – What We Do

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March 23-25, 2017 Sacramento Regional of FIRST robotics at the University of Cal-Davis.  

                              Finished 6-3 ranked 8th out of 56 teams.  First pick of the 3rd seeded

                             alliance.  Knocked out in the quarterfinals.  


Jan 9, 2017 –  Hilo Zonta Recognition Dinner: WHS robotics awarded certificate of 

                       appreciation by Hilo Zonta Club for spreading STEM interest among

                       young women with our 4th annual Amelia Earhart Girls Engineering Day.


Jan 7-Feb 21, 2017 – FIRST robotics build season.  We had six weeks to build our

                       120 lb robot to compete in this year FIRST Steamworks contest.


Nov 27, 2016 – 25th International Micro Robot Contest – Held at Nagoya University in

                       Japan. This is our tenth year of participation. 13 WHS robotic students traveled this year:


     Cubic CC – 1st place (later changed to “best performance” award) Nathan Yoshida

                         2nd place (later changed to “best effort” award) Chelsea Nguyen

     Cubic Inch Autonomous – (by far the hardest and most prestigious category)

                        1st place – Jennifer Nakano, Carina Cook, Chelsea Nguyen

                        2nd place – Ryan Michaud, Dillon Tsuchiya, Allanah Shinde

                        3rd place – Nathan Yoshida

     Cubic Inch Wireless controlled – robots driven by:

                       1st place – Jennifer Nakano

                       2nd place – Carina Cook

                       3rd place – Nathan Yoshida


Oct 31-Nov 6 2016 – Japan Super Science Fair:  Five students attend this years fair in Kyoto, Japan.  Present project called “White Death: Coral Bleaching”, do cultural presentation, and participate with 50 schools from 20 countries in a week long science experience.  


Oct 14, 2016 – 4th annual Girls Engineering Day: 45 girls in grades 4-8 came to Waiakea to do a day-long chemistry themed science day.  Made Cartesian divers, pipette rockets, slime, gold pennies and listened to a guest speaker – Dr. Christ: Chemistry professor UH – Hilo.  WHS robotic students assisted with the lessons.  


Sept 10, 2016 – Visit by three students and teacher, WHS Alumni Kazane Namikawa, from Yonezawa Chuo High School in Japan.  Took them for a day of hiking in Volcano and lava viewing at night with WHS robotic students as buddies.


August 23, 2016 – Visit by 6 students from Hiroshima High School in Japan.  Club spent two hours after school demonstrating robots and doing a brushbot racing and sumo event with them.  


July 16-21, 2016 – Visit by 8 students and 1 teacher from Ritsumeikan High School.  WHS robotic students home stayed and participated on trips to Volcano, Mauna Kea and various museums and places in Hilo.


July 5-9, 2016 – 11th Annual HIRA summer robotics camp.  47 students in grades 4-8 spent

                           the week building VEX and Mindstorm robots as well as push button and

                           line tracking robots.  The class is taught and staffed by WHS robotic

                          students and mentors.


May 23, 2016 – Visit to our robotics room by teacher and Principal from Keaau High to learn how

                        to get a program going at their school. School started their VEX team and will try to do FIRST robotics.  


May 6, 2016 – Robotic presentation to U.S. Senator Brian Shatz.  Demonstrated FIRST,

                       Microbots, outreach program and real world engineering to our visiting Senator.


Mar 24-26, 2016 – Sacramento Regional of FIRST robotics.  Ended 6-2 in seeding rounds, rank 9th.  

                         6th seed alliance captain with 2073 and 2141. Lost in semi-finals.  


Mar 3, 2016    Nagaoka High School visit.  Ten students and 3 teachers spent the afternoon

                      doing brushbots with our students.


Feb 26, 2016   Club does FIRST robotics demonstrations for Hawaiian Electric company

                        President and executives.  Three of this years mentors are WHS Alumni and

                        Engineers for Hawaiian Electric.  


Feb 19, 2016   Received word that Waiakea Robotics will be part of a grant to study volcanic

                       Emissions: Project: Creating Engaged STEM Pathways for Hawaii Underrepresented

                        Students from High School to College Degree Completion (HESTEMP)

                        Sponsor: NATIONAL AERONAUT & SPACE ADM


Feb 19, 2016   Final round of Cyber Patriot Platinum round (top 300 teams out of over 3000):

                       Girls team has the 2nd best Cisco score in the Country!

                       Final rankings:     Murphy 08-0505 # 54   330.64

                                                     Olive     08-0523 #71    322.72


Jan 10, 2016   Hilo Zonta Club recognition dinner – WHS Robotics is recognized for its efforts in

                       spreading STEM to young ladies with our Girls Engineering Day.


Jan 9-Feb 26, 2016  FIRST robotics build season.  We will be competing in the Sacramento

                        Regional on March 23-25.


Jan 8, 2016     Seisho High School visit.  Eight students from Japan’s Seisho Super Science

                       School visited WHS Robotics and spent the afternoon doing robotics, brushbots

                        with the club.


Jan 2, 2016      WHS Robotics does a “rocket” merit badge workshop for 10 boy scouts.




Dec 4, 2015 2nd round of Cyber Patriot competition.  Team Olive and Team Murphy win 2nd

                        and 3rd in the State and advance to the Platinum rounds with 300 of the top teams

                        in the U.S.


Nov 22, 2015    24th annual International Microrobot contest held at Nagoya University in Japan.

                        This years team captured 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the cubic inch auto and remote

                         Control categories.  We also captured two second place finishes in the cubic

                         Centimeter category and won a “best design” award in that category too.  


Nov 21, 2015 East Hawaii VEX tournament.  1056A knocked out in semifinals, 1056B knocked

                         out in finals.  A team qualified for States through skills score.


Nov 14, 2015    Cyber Patriot – First round: we have two teams in this years  Final results out of

                         the field of 3,483 teams have Waiakea in 12th and 23rd place nationally.


Nov 1, 2015 Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair – Sent five students to represent WHS and the

                         U.S. in this International Science Fair which brings 40 schools from 19 countries

                         Together.  They presented their project on “Engineering a quadcopter

                         capture/release mechanism” in this week long event and did science workshops

                         and tours.


Oct 10, 2015    3rd Annual Girls Engineering Day – 30 girls in grades 4-8th spent the day with their

                       Parent doing renewable energy themed projects: Solar Cars, Inexhaustible bottle,

                        Windmill and Ecolanterns.  Listen to talks by Dr. Cooksey from UH Astronomy



Sept 19, 2015 Hawaii Island VEX tournament.  Two teams, 1056A knocked out in quarterfinals.


July 7-11, 2015 10th annual Hawaii Island Robotics Academy.  We had 50 students in grades 3-

                          6th spend the week doing robotics, NXT and VEX, as well as building and

                          playing with Letry robot kits.  


May 7, 2015     Pacific Aquaculture Research Center – ROV project.  Students did final tests on

                       ROV built by themselves meant to pick up oysters, clean tanks, clean oyster

                       cages and more.


March 6-9, 2015  Ritsumeikan Visit – Took 9 students and 1 teacher to Volcano, Mauna Kea and

                        Kona on their annual visit from Ritsumeikan High in Kyoto, Japan to our school.  

                        Home stayed them for three nights.


Feb 5, 2015      Imiloa Open House: Opening reception for TMT Master Plan.  3 students helped

                        Host the event.


Jan 30, – April   UAV project with UH-Hilo.  WHS Robotics is developing a device to deliver and

                         An instrument by quadcopter into environmentally sensitive areas.


Jan 17, 2015     CyberPatriot: Regional Round – Scored 203 (not including cisco) made 28th place

                         Out of 1400 teams in the contest.


Jan 12, 2015     Zonta club recognition dinner: received awards for girls engineering day


Jan 8, 2015 Seisho High School visit – Did brushbots with 8 students from Japan visiting our

                         school as a super science school.




Dec 5, 2014      CyberPatriot: State/Platinum Round – One team finishes 3rd in State qualifying for

                         the regional round.  2nd team finished around 10th.


Nov 22, 2014     CyberPatriot: Round 2 – 3 images Perfect scores on two, 80 on Windows 8


Nov 16, 2014     American School in Japan VEX robotics tournament.  Two teams: Tournament

                         champion, quarterfinalists in tournament. Best design award.


Nov 9-13, 2014  Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair – Kyoto, Japan.  Took five girls who entered a

                         project called “spectral analysis of beach sand layers”.  Taught teacher workshop

                         on discrepant events.  


Nov 9-10, 2014  International Micro robot contest – Nagoya University, Japan.  Cubic CC

                         category: Best Design award, 2nd place in mountain climbing.  Cubic inch Auto:

                         Two tied for first and one for third.  Set tourney records under 4 seconds. In cubic

                         Inch controlled: First and third place.


Sept  20, 2014   VEX Big Island Tourney:  Seeded 3rd and 18th .  Knocked out in quarters and

                          semi finals.


Oct 25, 2014      CyberPatriot:Round 1:  Both teams score perfect 200 scores on both systems


October 4, 2014 2nd annual Amelia Earhart Girls Engineering Day.  Guest speakers with gliders       

                          and robotics for 37 young ladies in grades 3-8 with a parent.  Sponsored

                          by the Hilo Zonta club.


July 20-27, 2014 Hosted 10 students and one teacher from Ritsumeikan High School in Kyoto,

                         Japan.  Did robotics and outdoor adventures with the Rits and WHS students.


July 8-12, 2014  9th annual Hawaii Island Robotics Academy camp for students in grades 3-7. 54

                         students enjoyed a week-long 5 hours a day robotics camp run by WHS Robotic

                         teachers and students.  


May 27, 2014    Keaau Elementary – did science demonstrations and rocket activity for 46 2nd

                        Graders.  Promoted engineering.


April 23-26, 2014  VEX Robotics World Championships, Anaheim, California.  Team makes it to

Quarterfinals of their division after being picked up by the 5th seed.  They lose

                         To the eventual overall finalist team.  Finished one of the top 100 bots out of the

                         5000+ teams in the World.  


Mar 11, 2014   Tsuru Super Science School visit to WHS.  Students demonstrated robotics

                        program for this visit by 21 students from Tsuru super science school in Japan.


Mar 7, 2014     Iiyama Kita School visit.  Did brushbots and robot demo’s for their ten students

                       And two teachers who visited us for the second year.  WHS students also taught

                       them Hula and Were invited to HCC for closing dinner ceremony.


Feb 22, 2014    Team Murphy and Team Olive finish 2nd and 3rd in the State rounds of cyber-

                        patriot, the highest finishing public schools, behind Punahou.


Jan 25, 2014     Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Day – UH, Hilo.  Did the closing demonstrations again

                         Students did a fundraiser by ordering and delivering volunteer lunches.  


Jan 23, 2014     The Waiakea Pack 19 cubscouts WEBELOS did a 2-hour science workshop to

                         earn their scientist badge for the arrow of light.  12 scouts watched demo’s and

                        built and launched alka rockets.  Students assisted with the event.


Jan 13, 2014     Zonta Recognition Dinner – Robotics club was recognized for outstanding work in

                         Promoting women in science with our Girls engineering day which brought 40

                         girls and their parents together for a one day workshop building robots and

                         building and launching model rockets.  Received pledge to fund it again next



Jan 8, 2014        Seisho High School visit to Waiakea.  Toured our robotics program and did

                          Brushbots (racing and sumo) with them.  Visit by 8 students and 3 teachers.




Dec 20-21, 2013 VEX State Tournament – McKinley High School:  Two teams qualified. Finish

                          Seeded 3rd and 4th out of 40 teams.  One loses to the other in the semi-finals

                          And the second loses in the finals but qualifies for the World championships.  

                          WHS Robotics mentors our middle school team which also qualified for Worlds.


Dec 6-8, 2013   Cyber Patriot Round Two.  Two teams score near perfects on two systems but

                         Ubuntu proves too tough again and teams miss cut-off for final rounds.

Nov 30, 2013 Big Island VEX League Finals Tournament – Kohala:  One quarterfinalist, one

                         Semi-finalist One tournament Champion.  Also win both Robot skills and

                         programming Awards and the sportsmanship award.  Two teams now have State


Nov 16, 2013      Cyber Patriot – Round 1: two teams from WHS this year.  Both score perfect

                           100’s on one challenge and 90/100 on the second.  Both teams ranked in the

                            top 20 out of 100’s of teams from across the U.S.


Nov 15-16, 2013   American School in Japan VEX Tournament.  2 teams compete where one

Finishes as quarterfinalist, the other is semi-finalist and design award winner.  


Nov 10-11, 2013  International Micro robot Contest – Nagoya University, Japan:

  1st and 2nd in the Cubic-Inch remote category, 1st in the Cubic-Centimeter

                             Hill climb, 3rd in the Cubic-Inch autonomous, 2nd place Biped category, Good

                             Design award for the Cubic-Centimeter category.  First time we won anything

                             In the Cubic-CC hill climb category.


Nov 9, 2013        VEX League Tournament – Kealakehe High : Only two teams compete in this

                           one as the other two are in Japan for another contest.  Round ¾ in the Big

                           Island VEX league.


Nov 7-18, 2013   Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair – Kyoto, Japan:  5 Students participated in this

                           week long activity drawing 300 students from 19 countries.  Students present

                           their project “Using spectroscopy to analyze lava flows” and do cultural



Oct 11-12, 2013  Big Island VEX tournament – Sponsored and run by WHS robotics.  We had 11

                            Teams from Oahu, 21 from Big Island compete in this tournament.  We finished

                           Seeded 1st, 6th and 14th out of 32.  Tournament Champion, Tournament Finalist

                           And build award.


Oct. 4, 2013       Girls Engineering Day – We conducted a workshop where 40 girls with their

                          Parents built robots and built and launched model rockets.  Several WHS Alumni

                          female engineers and current students do talks to encourage young girls (grades

                          3-8) to consider STEM fields as a career.


Sept 28, 2013     HELCo Energy day at the Prince Kuhio Plaza.  We demonstrated our robotic

                          Programs (underwater, micro, VEX, brushbots and FIRST) to the community at

                          a robotics booth in the mall over a five hour period.  


Sept 14, 2013  VEX League Tournament – Hilo High


Aug 24, 2013      VEX League tournament – Honokaa High


July 23-26,2013 Engineering/Astronomy Summit – We helped to run and participate in the

                          inaugural event which brought students to Hilo from China, Japan, India and

                          Canada to share in learning science and culture.  WHS had 7 students and 2

                          teachers participate.  Seven students from Japan and China did a 2-night home

stay with Waiakea families after the event.


July 9-13            8th annual HIRA (Hawaii Island Robotics Academy) Robotics camp taught by

WHS robotics for 72 3rd-8th grade students.  Full enrollment with a waiting list.

                          Morning program, grades 4-6, do VEX, Lego NXT and rotate into a class

                          building Ecolanterns, Chokomacar line tracking robots and push button robots.

                          Advanced class, grades 6-8, do Ecolanterns, Chokomacar, Push button robots,

                          Programmable robots, Walking robot


June 15, 2013    WHS Foundation / Robotics Fundraiser – 10 companies purchased a

Bipedal Robot to compete in sumo and robot soccer at Prince Kuhio Plaza.


Apr 25, 2013 Brushbot Robotic Night at Keaau Elementary – did robotic demonstrations and

Racing brushbot workshop for 60 Parent/child teams at Keaau El.  


Apr 15-22, 2013 VEX Worlds – 3 teams qualified and participated in this tournament in Anaheim,

California.  All three teams end seeding with winning records.  All three teams

                          picked up for Eliminations.  Nick as an 8th seed, Abe and Kenneth as 5th seeds.  

                          Nick and Kenneth knocked off in division quarterfinals.  Abe makes it to

                          Semifinals.  Nick wins a judges award.  Only 5/25 teams from Hawaii make it to

The elimination round….3 are from Waiakea!


Feb 27, 2013      Ran a parent/student workshop with brushbots for Kamehameha Keaau

Campus Elementary school.  Final count was 240 students and parents. We

Demonstrated FIRST, Microbots and VEX robotics and held brushbot races

After showing them how to build them.


Feb 22-24, 2013 Pan Pacific VEX tournament – Finished tied for first in seeding 7-1 record,

6th Seed, 1st pick of 2nd place alliance.  1st place winner out of 104 teams.

Waiakea plays last two games in the best of three, set high score for the

Entire tournament of 254 points


Feb 22, 2013      Hosted SLC consortium of schools at WHS.  We demonstrated our robotic

 Program to the visitors from the consortium schools: Kaimuki, Roosevelt, Kauai,

 Waipahu. Gave history of WHS Robotics and how we have been able to sustain

 Our program for the last 11 years.


Feb 14, 2013  Ran a one-day robotic workshop using Letry Robots with 14 students visiting

                           From Iiyama Kita in Nagano, Japan.  


Feb 2, 2013        Cyber-Patriot Consolation round.  All three teams score two 100 point rounds

                           and one 90 point on the three systems.  After deductions the results for our top

                           two teams were: ranked 3rd and 4th out of 180 teams in the consolation rounds.


Jan 12, 2013       Hosted 8 students from Seisho High School, Nara, Japan for a ½ day

                           demonstration of robotics and brushbot workshops.


Jan 10, 2013       Hosted 31 students from Sapporo Nichidai High School.  Demonstrated robotic

 Program and ran a 1 hour brushbot workshop with them.



Dec 15, 2012       Big Island VEX League Tournament Finals – we hosted and ran the finals for

                            the 25 teams in this tournament at our school.  Waiakea finished 2nd, 3rd and 7th

  in seeding and after two WHS teams picked each other for the elims we

  finished as tournament champions and semi-finalists.  


Dec 8, 2012       Cyber-Patriot round II:  After all three teams scored an 80/100 in the first round,

                          Which did not place us very high, all three teams score 190/200 on the second

                           round which puts them among the highest scoring in the United States.  We

                           missed the Final rounds by 10 points (one more defect to find).  


Dec 1, 2012        2nd Big Island VEX league tournament – Held at Kohala High School – finished

                           seeded 1st, 3rd and 9th out of 25 teams.


Nov 17, 2012      Cyber-Patriot Round 1:  Three teams of WHS students entered in Cyber Patriot

 All three teams score 80/100.  Not our best showing after acing the first two

                           rounds last year.


Nov 10-14, 2012  Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair 2012, Kyoto, Japan – Did Letry Robot  

                           workshop for 35 students from over 19 counties.  Ran the 2nd Brushbot

                           Olympics including 300 students from over 19 countries competing in racing,

                           sumo and bowling. Our fourth time participating.


Nov 3-4, 2012     21st International MicroRobot Contest, Nagoya University, Japan:  1st and 2nd in

                           The hardest Cubic Inch autonomous Category.  2nd and 3rd in the cubic

                           Centimeter category, 1st and 3rd in the cubic inch remote control category, Best

                           Performance, Best Design in the Bipedal Category.  130 robot entries,

                           7 countries.  


Oct 27, 2012       Lacy Veach Day – Punahou School, Honolulu.  Did the closing demonstrations

                           For this free science day.  Met with teachers to do brushbot outreach.


Oct 27, 2012       WHS Robotics ran a mini VEX tournament at the Hawaii Business fair

                           (Honokaa, Hilo, Homeschool team, WHS)


Oct 25, 2012        WHS Robotics club presentation to the Hawaii Business Network


Oct 20, 2012        Big Island VEX tournament – Placed 1st, 4th and 5th in seeding, Tournament

                            champion, runner up and quarterfinalist.  Design Award.  30 teams compete at

                            Kealakehe High.


Oct 13, 2012        Big Island VEX league – held at Honokaa. 26 Big Island teams competing at 3

                            site Over two months.  Finals here at Waiakea in December.


Sept/Oct               Mentored Home school team and 3 new teams from St. Joseph’s school in


Sept 29, 2012       4th Annual Brushbot Tournament, held at UCB 100 UH Hilo.  9 schools, 14

                            teams over 100 students participate. Sponsored and run by WHS robotics.


Aug 25-26th, 2012 Bipedal Robotics Workshop.  Hilo Community College, (32 teachers) taught

                            teachers how to build and program Version II of bipedal robot developed by

  WHS Robotics.  Did first Bipedal soccer tournament with robots controlled by

                           Android phone or TV remote.


July 22-29, 2012  Host/Homestay 9 students and two teachers from Ritsumeikan School in

                            Japan.  Did robotics, Astronomy, Geology and more while they visited for the



July 10-14, 2012  7th annual HIRA Robotics Camp for 3rd-8th grade.  72 students and wait list

                           For the program that taught VEX, Lego NXT and more


May 5, 2012   Brushbot/Letry Workshop –  Honolulu Community College (60 teachers

                            registered) Taught teachers how to use Letry and STEM in their classrooms


April 26, 2012        Robotics PTSA – Waiakea Elementary – Demonstrated robotic programs in an

   evening PTSA meeting.  Drew approximately 100 people.


Mar 22-24, 2012    FIRST Robotics 2012 Honolulu Regional.  2nd seed, 2nd place alliance,

                             creativity award, semifinalist.


March 2, 2012    Met with Principal from St. Joseph School in our robotics room to review

                              robotic programs and to help her get one started at her school.  Students did

                              demonstrations of the various programs and promised support.


Feb-March, 2012   Conducted 6 lessons for 4th graders at Waiakea Elementary School on Letry



January 28, 2012:  Onizuka Day 2012: UH Hilo – Conducted Teacher workshop (13 teachers)

                              Letry Robots


Jan-March, 2012:  FIRST Robotics 2012 – Build Season, Honolulu Regional  



Dec 1-2, 2011:       Pan Pacific VEX tournament – seeded 11, 31,90 out of 104.  Quarterfinalist,

                             Judges award.


Nov 12-16, 2011:   Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair – week long experience with

                             students from 19 countries held in Japan, our third time, Conducted the Worlds

                             First Brushbot Olympics with Figure Skating, Sumo and Racing with students

                             from 19 countires and a separate Letry robot workshop for students.


Nov-Jan, 2011/12:  CyberPatriot – Two teams made it to round three (final round of 32 in the

                              Nation, only Hawaii teams left).  Top Ten in cumulative scores for two teams

                              in the Nation, missed cutoff for finals by 3 on Ubuntu server.


Nov 6, 2011:          International Microrobot Contest, Nagoya Japan – Only two teams entered this

                              year.  We won the one cubic inch category again this year, 5th time entering


Oct 7-8, 2011:       Big Island VEX robotics Tournament – WHS Robotics hosted and ran our third

                             Big Island Tournament which drew 34 teams from all over the State.

                             Quarterfinalist, Finalist, 3rd place skills


Oct 23, 2011:         Letry/Brushbot Workshop for teachers at the Lacy Veach Day at Punahou –

                              (did a workshop for 20 teachers on Oahu in Letry Robots)


Sept. 23, 2011:     Kealakehe VEX tournament – 1st seeding, tournament Champion, Excellence



Sept 17, 2011:      3rd annual Letry/Brushbot tournament – hosted and ran our third tournament

                            drawing 14 elementary schools this year at Imiloa. Teams competed in Sumo

                             brushbots, racing brushbots, open category and Letry Robot Relay.


Sept 10, 2011:      Letry/Brushbot workshop – trained 20 Big Island teachers how to build and use

                            robots in a day long workshop at UH-Hilo


Sept – Oct, 2012:  Mentored first year FLL team from Keaau Elementary who eventually made it

                             to the State tournament and did very well.  WHS students helped them with

                             design, strategy and programming.


Aug 27-8, 2011:    Bipedal Robotic Conference – two day workshop we did at the Honolulu

                            Convention Center for 60 participants. Held first Bipedal robot race in Hawaii.


July 16, 2011       FIRST robotics Workshop – Six Big Island schools in FIRST robotics came to

                            WHS for training in this one day workshop.


July 5-9, 2011      6th Annual HIRA – Week long summer robotics camp for 3rd-8th grades which

                           drew 74 students.  Classes taught by WHS robotics students and mentors


May 17, 2011       Brushbot Festival – had 50 students and parents in this one day workshop at

                            Imiloa taught by WHS robotic students and mentors.


May 14, 2011       VEX robotics workshop – did a one day workshop for 11 schools on how to do

                            VEX robotics at Waiakea High.


May 7, 2011   Botball Hawaii Regional – Two teams entered.  Awards: Alliance Champions,  

                            2nd Place alliance, Cooperation award


April 26-9, 2011    FIRST Robotics World Championship – St. Louis, Missouri: WHS sent a team

                             that made it to the quarterfinals on the Galileo field after finishing seeded 12th

                                             out of 86 teams.  Highest placing Hawaii team.


April 16, 2011         Big Island Underwater Robotic Competition – 1st Place, Qualified for Worlds


April 9, 2011      Molokai Brushbot Workshop – did a teacher workshop and parent/child

                               Workshop (approx 35 parent/Child teams) with racing and sumo brushbot

                               competition on Molokai


April 6, 2011          Hawaii County Council Demonstration/Recognition – Whole team

                              demonstrated during a council meeting what we do in robotics and received

                              recognition from the County of Hawaii    


April 12-19, 2011   VEX World Championships – sent two teams to Orlando, Florida to participate

                               in the World tournament.


Mar 24-26, 2011     FIRST robotics Honolulu Regional –  won engineering inspiration / finalist /  

    Innovation in control award in this tournament, qualified for Worlds.


March 5, 2011       Kauai Brushbot Workshop – WHS robotics students and mentors did a one

                             day workshop for 20 teachers at Kauai community college on brushbots and

                             Letry robots.


Feb 26, 2011        Maui Brushbot Workshop – WHS robotics students and mentors did a one

                             day workshop for 16 teachers on Maui on brushbots and Letry robots.


Feb 12, 2011         Oahu Brushbot Workshop – WHS robotics students and mentors did a one

                             day workshop for 50 teachers on Oahu on brushbots and Letry robots.


Jan 22, 2011         Onizuka day Workshop – WHS robotics students and mentors did a one

                             day workshop for 20 teachers on Big Island on brushbots and Letry robots.


Jan-March 2011      FIRST robotics build season – Jan (six week build window for the robot)



Dec 11, 2010    2nd Annual Brushbot Tournament held at Imiloa.  14 Elementary Schools

                             participate in an all day event which included Letry Robot Relay and

                             Racing/Sumo Brushbot tournament run by WHS robotic students and mentors.


Dec 3-4, 2010       Pan Pacific VEX tournament – Largest tournament held outside of the World

                             Championships, 118 teams from China, Hawaii and the Mainland.  Finished

                              1st, 9th and 11th in seeding, 1 semifinalist, 2 finalist teams, Excellence award


Nov 20, 2010         Big Island VEX tournament – Run by WHS robotics at Imiloa.  24 teams from

                              Big Island and Oahu.  Finished 1st & 3rd in seeding.  Semifinalist, Excellence



Nov 11, 2010        International Microrobot Contest – Nagoya University, Japan – 2nd and 3rd in 1

                             cubic inch autonomous category, 3rd in cubic inch remote control category, 7th,

                             8th and 9th in cubic centimeter category.


Nov 10, 2010        American School in Japan VEX tournament – Run by WHS robotics students

                             and mentors in Tokyo, Japan.  2nd, 4th and 5th in seeding, 2 semi-finalist teams,

                             1 tournament champion.


Nov 1-7, 2010        Ritsumeikan Super Science Fair – Kyoto, Japan.  Did Letry Robot workshop

                              for 35 students from over 19 countries.  5 WHS Robotic students participate


Oct 23, 2010         WHS robotic students and mentors hosted and ran a day-long workshop for 10

                             elementary and middle schools to teach them how to make brushbots and letry



Oct 16, 2010         Lacy Veach Day Presentations, Punahou School


Sept 21, 2010       Lions club Presentation – Michelle’s Hale.  Demonstrated all the robotic

                            programs we do at a Lions club meeting.


Aug-Oct, 2010       Mentored 4 FIRST LegoLeague teams at Waiakea and Waiakea Waena

                             Elementary schools


July 21-27, 2010    Hosted 9 students from Ritsumeikan High School in Japan.  Taught them

                             robotics and visited Mauna Kea and Volcano during their week-long visit.


July 16-19, 2010    Hosted and ran the first International Microrobot conference held at Imiloa and

                             Subaru Telescope.  Three day conference that drew 60 people and culminated

                              in cubic centimeter contest and cubic inch soccer contest.  WHS Mentors and

   Students taught the sessions.


June 14-18, 2010  Hawaii Island Robotics Academy – 5th Annual.  48 3rd-6th graders and 24 6-8th

                             graders do a one week robotics camp taught by WHS robotics students and



May 1, 2010          Botball Hawaii – Honolulu Convention Center: Finished 3rd seeding, 3rd

                             place tournament.  Of 38 teams, highest finishing public school in Hawaii.


Mar 25-27, 2010   FIRST robotics Honolulu Regional – Quarterfinalist


Jan-Mar 2010       FIRST Robotics – Hawaii regional Build Season.


Jan 23, 2010        Ellison Onizuka day – UH Hilo: Club had a booth where we did demo’s on

                            Microbots and the closing science demonstration show.




Nov 8, 2009         Nagoya University International Micro robot contest.  


Oct 10, 2009       First annual TMT Hawaii brushbot invitational tournament at Imiloa


August 15, 2009  Micro robot workshop held at Imiloa and Subaru


June15-19, 2009  4th annual HIRA summer robotics camp


May 16, 2009       Micro robot workshop – Waiakea High


May 9, 2009         Toothbrush robot workshop – Pearl City Elem


Our program started in 2002-3 with FIRST robotics in Seattle Washington.  


*Note: this list does not include several demonstrations to Rotary clubs done in 2010-11, school demonstrations and several smaller events attended by WHS robotics, year round mentorship by WHS students for several Big Island VEX teams who come over to our robotics room to use our field and to get help on their programming and more.