Using the 3D Printer




  • Design: Autodesk Inventor 2015 Student Edition – download and install on your computer or use one of the schools computers
  • Print/Slice: Slimplify3D – Already installed on the 3D printer dedicated computer, not necessary to have on your computer
  • Process File Download (sets basic printer configuration): Process


  • Import your .stl file into simplify3d
  • Make sure the size looks right in the preview window
  • Modify any slicing settings such as infill % using the “edit process settings” button on the bottom left
  • Click “Prepare to Print”
  • Verify that the sliced file looks good and all the lines are where they should be.
  • Verify that the print bed is clean and has blue painters tape on it where your part will be printed
  • Click “Begin Printing over USB” on the bottom left
  • The printer will start preheating the bed and extruder
  • Once temperature is reached it will home all the Axis and then start printing!
  • If anything goes wrong push the “Stop” button below the printer LCD panel


Apply painters tape to the bed where your part is going to be printed.


The best tape to use is Blue Scotch Painters Tape in the extra wide 2.83″ roll available at Amazon, or Home Depot.







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