Microbots How to make a Function

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Why do we have functions? A function is a way for programmers to reuse code without having to retype the code. This is a big time saver, and it makes code more readable, that is if the function names are well selected. For my example I will use returntype = void … Continued

Microbot Infrared Object Sensor

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The following defines are for the IR_LEDs, and the IR_SENSORs . #define IR_LED_R 1 // IR LED Left used for reflective wall sensing #define IR_LED_L 7 // IR LED Left used for reflective wall sensing #define IR_38Khz 3 // IR … Continued

USB Enclosure Using Autodesk Inventor – T.C.

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USB_TC_2 This is the .ipt file made with Inventor for printing an enclosure around a USB flash drive. After measuring the dimensions of the bare USB circuit board, a rectangular base and walls were first modeled that fit the board. A … Continued

Competition Categories

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https://www2.meijo-u.ac.jp/~ichikawa/MAZEHOME/index.html Category 0/1 – Micro Robot Racer/Mountain Climbing Maze Category 2a/b – Autonomous/RC Micro Robot Maze Category 3/4 – Biped Locomotion/Micro Robot Performance  

Using the 3D Printer

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Prepare   Software Design: Autodesk Inventor 2015 Student Edition – download and install on your computer or use one of the schools computers Print/Slice: Slimplify3D – Already installed on the 3D printer dedicated computer, not necessary to have on your … Continued

First Robotics 2017

The 2017 Robotics competition officially started on January 7th. This year’s theme is Steamworks, the game explanation can be watched through the video attached. READ MORE

Microbot Mechanical Design Guide

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Wheels: Outer Diameter: 10.6mm Thickness: 2mm O-ring groove diameter: 1.8mm O-ring groove inner diameter: 9mm Center mounting hole:  2mm diameter – ideally with .5mm D cut or wheel may spin on shaft Chassis:  Starting Body Extrusion:... READ MORE

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