3D printer computer upgrades

We have a new laptop to run the 3D printer which replaces a 10 year old desktop computer that was on its last legs. Printing a test boat model here to make sure the software transition worked properly.  

USB Enclosure Using Autodesk Inventor – T.C.

USB_TC_2 This is the .ipt file made with Inventor for printing an enclosure around a USB flash drive. After measuring the dimensions of the bare USB circuit board, a rectangular base and walls were first modeled that fit the board. A “ceiling” was then extruded on top of that. The circular frame was made by using

Using the 3D Printer

Prepare   Software Design: Autodesk Inventor 2015 Student Edition – download and install on your computer or use one of the schools computers Print/Slice: Slimplify3D – Already installed on the 3D printer dedicated computer, not necessary to have on your computer Process File Download (sets basic printer configuration): Process Print Import your .stl file into simplify3d

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