Arduino Zero Timer / PWM Direct Access Notes

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If you want to access the timer or PWM outputs more direct style here are some helpful links: Link to google docs explaining the PWM pins and their associated timers used on V1.0 of our microbot PCB    Arduino forum … Continued

Microbot 2016 Software/Firmware Setup

Install Arduino IDE Follow this guide to add the Adafruit board manager to the IDE Install the Adafruit SAMD board profile In the Arduino IDE Tools Menu > Board > Boards Manager > search for SAMD > Install “Adafruit SAMD Boards” … Continued

Microbot Motor Control

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#define MOTOR_R_DIR 5 // Right motor direction pin #define MOTOR_R_SPD 9 // Right motor speed pin – apply PWM signal (analog out) to this pin #define MOTOR_L_DIR 6 #define MOTOR_L_SPD 10 #define FWD 0 // 0 = forward in our … Continued

Microbots How to make a Function

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Why do we have functions? A function is a way for programmers to reuse code without having to retype the code. This is a big time saver, and it makes code more readable, that is if the function names are well selected. For my example I will use returntype = void … Continued

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