Past Graduates

Team 1056 Hot Rocks Waiakea High School Hilo, Hawaii     2013              Paul Heinzen – Electrical Engineer – BYU – Provo Sean Fujiyoshi – Electrical Engineer – University of Portland Cassie Kuwahara – Mechanical Engineer – University of Portland Kelson Lau – Electrical Engineer – University of Hawaii at Manoa Jessica Galacgac – Civil

Timing Belt Design Information

Timing belts can be great at moving power around, and changing speed/torque from source to destination. They can also be tricky to work with. The standard belt size used on FIRST robots is 5M-HTD 15mm wide belt The_World_of_Timing_Belts – This design guide from Gates is very helpful. Some Suppliers: /    

WS2811 RGB Light Strips

The WS281X series light strips are great for creative lighting. The strips have individually addressable LEDs which can be programmed through software such as arduino. You’ll need to download libraries for the chips that are on the LEDs in order to address them. These are easy to come across in a short web search, I

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