We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their immense support of the team.  Their generous contributions is vital in educating our students and enabling us to succeed in competiton.

Team 10576, is a FIRST Robotics competition team based in Hilo, Hawaii.  The original intent of this program was to give students a opportunity to learn and develop skills that will help them in their respective careers.  Our team also engages with the community and hosts a robotics summer camp every year as well as other one day camps.  We also, mentor the younger generation as much as we can because they are the future and we would like to give them as much opportunities as possible to explore their interest in STEM.

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school robotics competition that gives students real-world engineering experience.  During build season students are under an intense six week time constraint to conceptualize, design, build, and program their robot, they are also faced with very limited resources.  Therefore, teams must work hard both off-season and during season to fund-raise funds to support their programs.

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